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 Important: How to make a Ban Appeal

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PostSubject: Important: How to make a Ban Appeal   Tue Jan 01, 2013 6:18 pm

If you were banned on the server and want to play with us again, you should make a Ban Appeal.

How? Simple.


-State the reason why you were banned.

(This lets the Administrators judge on whether you're worthy of being unbanned)

-State the name of the Administrator that banned you.

(This will let the owner know who to consult with about your case)

-Do NOT spam and/or bump the thread.

(Doing so will get you nowhere, only further away from your much desired answer)

-Do NOT insult the Administrators.

(Doing so will make your case much worse, since you were forbidden from playing by an Administrator in the first place)

-Do NOT post here unless you are an Administrator or a witness to the enclosed event.

(This keeps the thread clean, and it's easier for Administrators to process)

-Wait patiently for the owners response.

(Since the server is constantly evolving, it may take a while for the owner to respond)

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Important: How to make a Ban Appeal
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